About Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota

Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota is a non-profit organization specializing in paranormal investigation. Our group investigates sites for paranormal activity. Among the members of our group are skeptics, individuals with supernatural sensitivities, and members who believe in the supernatural. All of our members have full-time careers outside of SIM in varying fields. Our investigations have produced photographic, video and audio evidence, and in addition, a host of personal experiences. Our mission is to examine and scrutinize all aspects of the data obtained during an investigation in attempt to debunk it. Only evidence that has no explanation other than paranormal is considered by SIM to be true substantiation of the supernatural.

During our investigations we use a multitude of equipment, and of course, we all rely on our instincts. Equipment that we use includes:

• Infrared thermometers
• High resolution digital still cameras
• Digital camcorders
• Night vision camcorders
• Digital voice recorders
• K2 Meters
• EMF detectors
• Spirit Box
• E-prob
• Dowsing rods
     Contact us if you have a property that you feel has a paranormal presence and you would like to have it investigated. Our services are completely free of charge.

From left to right Jerry, Mike, Mae, George, Stephanie, Katie, Jeff, Kacie and Kelli

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