Minnesota Bigfoot Expedition 2013

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Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota Case Notes

Undisclosed Area - International Falls, Minnesota
Date of Investigation:
May 31 - June 2, 2013
Investigators present:
Jerry Ayres, Stephanie Ayres, Mae Kelley, George Donaldson, Katie Sonmor, Danae Kylander
Steve Braker

The locations investigated for Bigfoot activity are remote areas near the US/Canadian Border.  We vetted both places in the fall of 2012.  The property owner of the private acreage is well known to us, and informed us of several encounters that he has had with a creature that he believes to be Bigfoot over the years, in or near both locations. 
The Expedition
The first site we investigated is the private acreage.  This property consists of mostly wildland, but it also includes a small residential structure with various building materials and other items strewn around the grounds near that building.  The acreage is roughly 40% to 50% wooded with a large clearing and a creek winding through it. 
Weather conditions were cloudy with periods of showers for the intial visit.  Temperatures were near the 70 degree mark and humidity was high.  The team searched the property extensively for anything out of the ordinary, and found no evidence of Sasquatch.   A trail cam was set up and left on a tree to provide us with 48-hour snapshots. 
We visited the site again late evening on the same day to install a video camera to film overnight.  Unfortunately, the winds had picked up and the rain made it impossible to leave the camera.  Although we did not perform an extensive search of the area, we found nothing out of the ordinary.
The following day we placed peanut butter out near the trail cam, hoping that we would catch photographs of the animals/bigfoot that roamed the area.  The third day, which was our day of departure, we went back to find the peanut butter stick undisturbed, and no unusual circumstances.
The trail cam produced no unusual photos.  We captured no evidence on this visit to suggest that Sasquatch was near.
The second area that we focused on is public land.  It is a wooded area, difficult to traverse, and apparently used by deer hunters, as evidenced by the remains of a deerstand.  After searching as far as we could into the heavily treed land, we found no evidence to suggest Sasquatch was or had been in this area in the recent past.
Our team thoroughly searched both areas, walking and hiking through the trees, tall grasses, and along the creek.  We searched for the following signs:
·        Broken branches which would suggest a large animal barreling through the woods
·        A structure made of branches
·        Footprints
·        Hair
In addition, we knocked on the trunks of trees (it is thought that bigfoot bangs branches on the tree trunks) and yes, we made the Squatch Squeel.
Past Expeditions
We searched both areas in the Fall of 2012 on our first Bigfoot Expedition, and found what we believed were Bigfoot tracks.  We attempted to follow the tracks, but inclement weather prevented us from fully searching the area at that time.

Future Expeditions

We do anticipate future searches for Bigfoot in this same area, as well as in other locations in Minnesota.  Reports of Sasquatch sightings are numerous in Minnesota, and we will be investigating the claims that come to us when time is available.


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