Walcott Mills Faribault State Hospital, Minnesota  11/03/2012

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Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota Case Notes

Walcott Mills Faribault State Hospital - Faribault, Minnesota
Date of Investigation:
November 3, 2012
Investigators present:
Jerry Ayres, Stephanie Ayres, Mae Kelley, George Donaldson, Katie Sonmor, Gina Holumbo

The Meet:

The SIM Crew met all participants in the event at the local A&W restaurant in Faribault. Participants were told the history of Walcott Mills, and divided up into three groups. Team leaders were Jerry, Mae, and Stephanie. There are three locations to be investigated; the building built into the ground which we like to call the “bat cave“ due to a bat that was hanging there last year, the concrete building, and the area just up the road from this primary area, which is essentially a clearing with a cross with the memorial to Faribault State Hospital.

We are very familiar with this location, and it is in our opinion, one of the most haunted that we have investigated. Members of SIM have explored the area several times over the past couple of years and have formally investigated twice before this event that we held for SIM followers.


What was once Walcott Mills, a mill on the Straight River, is just east of the abandoned buildings. The Mill burned to the ground on November 3, 1895, which is one of the reasons we chose this date to hold our event.

In 1909 the land that the old abandoned buildings stand on was purchased by Faribault State Hospital. It would become the Walcott Farm Colony, and Grand View Farm Colony. It was here that patients committed to the state hospital who had the ability to learn a trade and function as a part of society would be schooled in the art of agriculture.

The land just west of this area with the cross and memorial to Faribault State Hospital is vacant land, and from what we can find it was a part of the larger colony. The cross and memorial is dedicated to the babies buried in that location, born to patients of the state hospital in unmarked graves. It is also known that other babies are buried there as well, born to area residents.

Both areas are rich with paranormal activity. Why? We don’t know. No one died when the Mill burned in 1895, but we do know that patient abuse at the Faribault State Hospital was rampant, could this be part of the reason? And the fact that the area to the west is where unwanted babies are buried could also be a part of the puzzle. In past investigations of the memorial area, we have seen full body apparitions, and shadow figures. One of the apparitions was so vivid our investigators clearly saw the man dressed in blue, standing directly next to them. The shadows moving in and out of the trees that night was also intriguing and exciting.

Evidence of the Supernatural:

The three groups investigated all three spots separately. Many have been to this place before, and thus it was not new or surprising the amount of activity we felt, heard, and captured. We have captured some intriguing EVP’s, photographs showing paranormal orbs, and some dramatic video footage of one of our investigators under attack. This happened late in the event when Jerry and his group were investigating the concrete building. Jerry was attacked by unseen creatures. Jerry felt that he was being beaten inside, and the attack continued for 10 minutes before he finally left the building and called the event.

We have included photos of the area and participants of the event, as well as EVP’s, and the video of the attack. We are currently in contact with a historian in the area, and we hope to have more information as it becomes available to us.

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What about me?
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I'm sorry.
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Jerry Jerry
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Oh I hate this room
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Humm Over me
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I'm here
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Get a long Gina
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Girl moaning
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