Paranormal Research and Investigation
Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota, also known as The SIM Crew was established in early 2010.  We have completed over 60 paranormal investigations, 2 bigfoot expeditions, and many town hall meetings we call Supernatural Conversations.  We host public investigations, and also periodically teach Ghost Hunting 101, a well received class on how to investigate the paranormal.

All of our paranormal investigators have vast experience in the field, and we are very fortunate to have investigators on our team who are sensitive Intuitives, meaning they have the ability to sense when spirits are near.   We have traveled extensively in our quest to document the paranormal, including trips to Louisville, Kentucky to investigate the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and recently to Santee, Nebraska at the request of the Santee Sioux Nation.

We are confidential, professional, and we keep our clients best interests in mind.   Several members of our team are experienced in home cleansings, clearings, and blessings.  After investigating a property and completing the investigation,  if we feel it is necessary for a cleansing and clearing to establish order and peace to the property, we will make that recommondation to our client. 

When a potential client contacts us requesting our help, we  will typically visit the property for what we call a walk through, or preliminary investigation to determine if a full investigation is warranted.  During our investigations we use a multitude of equipment, and of course, we all rely on our instincts.   Equipment that we use includes all of the below and also our very own Simmie:

• Infrared thermometers
• High resolution digital still cameras
• Digital camcorders
• Night vision camcorders
• Digital voice recorders
• Boo Bear
• K2 Meters
• EMF detectors
• Spirit Box
• EDI Research Device
• Dowsing rods

Cryptozoology is a fascinating part of the supernatural world, and we love searching for cryptids.  The SIM Crew has  searched for Bigfoot near the Canadian Border, and found some very intriguing evidence.  Our team is currently researching claims of a lake monster in Lake Pepin, affectionately known as Pepie to local residents, and we will be searching for this elusive creature in the near future.

Our team members have also researched claims of UFOs in southern Minnesota.  Over the years we have heard many eye witness accounts from people who have experienced something they refer to as a UFO.   When we travel at night we are always scanning the night skies for anything that is out of order.
  1. Jerry Ayres
    Jerry Ayres
    I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a child growing up in Bemidji, Minnesota. I have had lots of spiritual events happen in my life. After seeing the Ghost Hunters on TV, I started to this really real? Can we do this? I asked some friends if they wanted to check out a bar where I worked for many years for paranormal activity. On that investigation I was doing a EVP, and I asked "if anyone is here and would like to say anything to me or to anyone, feel free to speak". It took a few seconds then voice said "Its over....Jerry!" That was directed to me! I was totally hooked after that, so my wife and I decided to start SIM. After all these years of investigating the paranormal, I found I have psychic abilities that are getting stronger with time. I am also a smoke reader and host of a weekly radio show called The Calling Radio Show!
  2. Stephanie Langer
    Stephanie Langer
    I am a highly intuitive sensitive, meaning? I sense spirits when they are near. I love paranormal investigation and capturing evidence to prove that spirits are indeed part of world. I have a huge passion for Cryptozoology and I have lead the SIM Crew on two Bigfoot expeditions. In 2016, I founded the first and only all female Bigfoot hunting team in the world, SquatchHers . I write a blog called Seeking Ghosts: Stories of a Paranormal Investigator about my adventures, and I also host a weekly radio show The Gathering, where we talk all things supernatural. Outside of the paranormal, I am mom to my daughter Kacie, my pups Duncan and Mellie, and our cats Bo and Zooey. I am a nature/wildlife photographer and enthusiast, gardener, and did I mention? I LOVE Rock and Roll, in fact when I gave Joan Jett a SIM wristband backstage at one of her shows? She wore it on stage throughout the show :)
  3. Katie Sonmor
    Katie Sonmor
    Hello, my name is Katie and I am a hockey mom by day and ghost hunter by night. Many people who have met me probably would never guess that I am interested in the paranormal. I have been interested in the paranormal for many years. It started many years ago when I came across the show “Ghost Hunters”. The show intrigued me so much that I couldn’t miss an episode for many years. One of things I liked most about the show was they were out to prove or disapprove incidents of the paranormal. They seemed to want to answer the question most people just wonder about. ARE GHOSTS REAL? Since I have been a member of SIM for many years and there is no doubt in my mind that they do exist. I may not be a sensitive to the paranormal like several of my team mates are but I have developed my skills and used them well during many of our investigations.
  4.  Jeff Apple
    Jeff Apple
    I have been investigating the paranormal since roughly 2010. It's not only a hobby but a passion to look for what causes those unexplained events in a location, as well as what happens after we pass on from this life onto the next. I got started in the paranormal after I began watching the shows on TV, and I have had many experiences throughout the years that can't be explained as anything other than paranormal. There is no case I will shy away from doing, and I love continuing to learn as time goes on with the great crew we have in SIM. When I'm not investigating the paranormal I enjoy wide variety of sports, going to see concerts and traveling.
  5. Mike Kolstad
    Mike Kolstad
    Hi, my name is Mike; by day I am a mild-mannered chef, but on my off days and nights I like to investigate the unknown of the paranormal and supernatural. I became excited about the unknown/unexplainable smells and sightings of my deceased papi and maternal grandmother. I have had some crazy, but exciting personal experiences from places such as the Trans-Alleghy Lunatic Asylum, Moundsville, Waverly Hills, Ohio Reformatory, and many private home and locations. I cannot wait to see what is ahead....meeting Bigfoot? More spirits talking? UFO's?
  6. Amy
    I am an experienced Paranormal Researcher/Investigator/ITC Medium from the Twin Cities, and have always had a passion for the paranormal. I preferred ‘Sightings’ and ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ over cartoons as a kid and learned from a young age that I have special abilities to hear/see/feel/sense things most others cannot. Growing up in a haunted house led me on a life-long search for answers, and instilled a passion to help families dealing w/ similar situations. I take pride in finding rational/scientific explanations for reported phenomena and am careful not to create a narrative or jump to conclusions. My ultimate goal is not financial gain, fame or notoriety, but to promote public awareness, share knowledge & evidence for the advancement of our field and most importantly, to help others. (I also enjoy traveling, reading, music, photography, and making art.)
  7. Ladora Britain
    Ladora Britain
    My name is Ladora. I have been fascinated by ghost, vampires and the paranoramal since I was little girl. I started watching Ghost Hunters and did not miss an episode. I started watching all of the paranormal shows and attending paranormal conventions and thought I would love to be part of a group. As much as I believe in the supernatural world - I am a skeptic as well. I love the fact that we are investigators and not hunters. Hunters is such a harsh word. I am not hunting anything, I am investigating unexplained manifestations
  8. Jade Smith
    Jade Smith
    Hello, my name is Jade. I am a dental hygienist. I have been interested in investigating the paranormal for many years. My experiences with the paranormal started when I was young and have continued into my adult life. As I have gotten older I find myself very interested in the scientific perspective of the supernatural. I am the type of person the looks at all possibilities when investigating. In my spare time I love to hike and take photographs. I also paint and draw.
  9. SIM-mie!
    I was saved by The SIM Crew on April 15, 2016. Undernourished, underweight, and seeking a life of adventure, I found myself in the hands of SIM. They nurtured me back to health, and gave me a name I am proud of SIM-mie! Simulated Interactive Makwa! I fit in well, 5 foot 3, 27 pounds of paranormal delight. I don't scare easy, and have nerves of steel. They needed me as much as I needed them. I'm Home :)
SIM Crew Alumni
SIM Crew Alumni are investigators who are now inactive members of the SIM Crew.  While they are no longer actively investigating, they are called upon to help with events, and other miscellaneous SIM activities as needed.
  1. Mae Kelley
    Mae Kelley
    I am a paranormal investigator and ordained minister who has studied with masters in the field of spirituality and paranormal both locally and throughout the United States. I have always been interested in the supernatural and communicating with the spirit world. It has become my quest especially after my mother passed away. I have had many paranormal experiences, some of which include being touched by an angel, spirit visitation in my dreams, and I have heard spirits speak directly to me. All of these life experiences have solidified my belief that life goes on. I seek to provide proof of the afterlife to those who are looking for it, and to provide comfort and ease any pain existing to individuals on either side of the veil.
  2. George Donaldson
    George Donaldson
    My name is George. Many members of my family have strong spiritual abilities. My Grandmother, Ellen Welch, had the ability to predict the future. There are many family stories where she actually told people something was going to occur and it did. My Aunt Mary had table tipping abilities. Was this just a parlor trick? No one can say, but to see her in action was really amazing. My sister Holly has inherited my Grandmother's abilities. Her children knew when they were teenagers that if they did something wrong they might as well come clean because Holly already knew what they did. All of this has brought me to SIM. I want to know if I have psychic ability, (I've been told that I do) and if so how can I use it. The others in our group call me the skeptic but I truly believe in the paranormal and am looking forward to experiencing it.
  3. Kacie Ayres
    Kacie Ayres
    I am an experienced investigator as well as an intuitive sensitive in the world of the supernatural. I inherited this ability from my mom and dad, and became hooked on ghost hunting the first time we went on an investigation. I am an actively touring musician; I play drums and lead guitar, and sing. I am an animal lover and I love to travel to San Juan Island each summer to see the whales there.