Cryptozoology and the SIM Crew

Just what is a cryptid?  A hidden animal whose existence has not been proven.  Think Sasquatch; Lake Serpents/Monsters, and yes, even Merfolk.  So then, cryptozoology is the study and search for these animals who are so hidden they are difficult to find and prove their existence.  They are often the subject of stories that date back centuries.

The SIM Crew became involved in the search for Cyptids way back in 2011 while in International Falls, Minnesota for two paranormal investigations.  During a visit with one of the townspeople, the subject of Bigfoot came up.  The gentleman told us that he had seen what he believed was Bigfoot several times, usually in the location near or on his property, a remote area on the borderland.   Our witness invited us to his "shack" back in the woods to search for Sasquatch at some point in the future. 

Stephanie, a long time believer in the big guy, was intrigued, and though our team up to this time searched primarily for ghosts and spirits,  she wouldn't let this go.  Our Crypto Gal, she rallied the team together to go Squatchin'.  

Our vision expanded to include all areas of the supernatural, and cryptozoology is something we are passionate about. 

Our Bigfoot Expeditions
After hearing about Bigfoot in the northwoods, it took some time to get an expedition on our calendar along with lots of planning to make this expedition a reality.  We  scheduled a town hall event we called The Bigfoot Conversation in International Falls.   The Bigfoot Conversation  was well attended, and we heard from many eye witnesses about what they had seen. 

Our search for Sasquatch, yielded foot foot prints that were definately not human, and scratches on the side of the "shack" that were too high for any human or bear to have made.  The weather turned on us that October day, and we were unable to follow the prints.  We returned the following spring, and as fate would have it?  We found nothing but TICKS.   

Our plan for 2017 is to return to the borderland to search once again for Bigfoot, and hold another Bigfoot Conversation.  Hopefully?  We will look a Squatch in the eyes.   ​

The footprint  You can see Stephanie's big crocs at the edge, and they look tiny in comparison to the footprint.  When we felt the print, we could feel the toe impression, unfortunately we did not have casting materials, and all we have is this photo.
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Pepie, the Monster of Lake Pepin
The Lake Pepin Lake Monster.  Affectionately called Pepie by the local residents, this mysterious cyptid is said to resemble Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.   We have done much research on Pepie, and traveled to Lake City multiple times to talk with eye witnesses.   Pepie is quite elusive, but even so many claim to have seen her.  

The stories of the lake serpent date back centuries; and the Native American people would not venture out on the lake in their normal birchbark canoes; instead they would only cross Lake Pepin in canoes made of hollowed out trees, heavier, more difficult for the serpent to tip.    Laura Ingalls Wilder also wrote about the creature in Lake Pepin. 

In addition, it should be noted that Lake Pepin is much the same as Loch Ness, deminsionally speaking.  Could Pepie be the same species of cryptid as Nessie of the Loch Ness Fame?  Maybe.  It is fascinating to be sure, and what we do know is that the folks we talked to most certainly have experienced something, and we do hope to see Pepie someday.

We hope to get out on the water for an investigation some time in the near future.  Stay tuned for that exciting venture!  
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