SIM Crew Members Extracurricular Links
Our team members are very active in the paranormal field and in addition to SIM they have other projects.  Links to these extracirricular projects are below!
Jerry Ayres is host of the paranormal radio show The Calling.  It airs Wednesdays, at 8:00pm central, on the network.  Click on the link on the website for more information about this fantastic radio show:

Stephanie Ayres founded SquatchHers, the first women's bigfoot research team, late in 2015.  Katie Sonmor from the SIM Crew is also a team member of this fantastic bigfoot group.  The team is made up of paranormal investigators, most are clairvoyant.  Find them on facebook at and visit their website at the links below:

Stephanie pens a blog where she writes about her supernatural experiences.  Visit it at:
Dreamer's Resort is our home away from home when we are in the northland.  A wonderful resort, check it out!  www, d as if you were talking to your customer